• Reviewed by: melanie  on: 12/05/2014
    I would like to know if there are any vegan dishes. (No animal products at all; i.e. no meat of any kind, egg, cheese/whey, honey, or sauces that could use fish or oysters). I see there are two vegetarian dishes that are not spicy (40 and 43).
  • Reviewed by: cool_boym_star  on: 01/05/2014
    I love the Pu Pu Tray and the Nu Nu Bowl of noodles!!!! After I ate the meal, I had the worst diarrhea explosion ever! It was all over the my bathroom!!!! Soo... keep the fibre down...
  • Reviewed by: graciemac  on: 28/03/2014
    TerribleHalf of what I had was coldRice was pastyThey cook everything in same oil, so chicken tastes like fishWe asked 3 different people and they all said soThey argued that they can't cook separatelyBig mistake due to seafood allergiesThey serve quantity NOT qualityStaff are rude,English is so poor that waitress did not understand " napkin"
  • Reviewed by: hardyb  on: 11/03/2014
    tried to print out your coupon on this site but there is nothing there.
  • Reviewed by: justthatgirl  on: 15/02/2014
    Honestly the worst experience at a restaurant of my life.The food was dry, hard and not kept warm enough.Their children were running around nearly knocking customers on their butts. The service was slim to none at best, they were more interested in cleaning up for closing (which was an hour away at the time) than taking care of the clients that were in there, and they had no nice words of greeting or interest in their customers what's so ever. A server came to my table once, to refill my glass, and i was already pushing away my plate.We went in on Valentines day for dinner at 9. Literally could not finish dinner due to the quality and were so distracted by the servers children and servers trying to tame them. I will NEVER go there again, not on my life.And i recommend people to try others instead of wasting their time and money. We left after only quickly eating. Total disaster.
  • Reviewed by: raptor12453  on: 09/02/2014
    Very disappointed in the service. Waitress very rude and extremely poor service. At one point when trying to explain the who was with who at the table the waitress rolled her eyes and walked away shaking her head. I then went and tried to explain again. It was no use. When I paid and comment on this I was told she no speak good English. NO EXCUSE for completely rude and disrespectful service. I will never eat there again
  • Reviewed by: wenjean.ho  on: 01/01/2014
    thank you for a great service last night for our seniors. Food were hot and delicious, service was wonderful. Thank you Panda Garden.
  • Reviewed by: olena1989  on: 23/12/2013
    i always come here with my husband and baby and sometimes other family members that place is awesome good variety and service is awesome i dont get why people complain so much if u too picky go somewhere else!love the sushi:)
  • Reviewed by: okok.ottawa  on: 29/10/2013
    Poor customer service experiences. We have two seniors and they charged as regular price. After we call back and ask them for refund, they were saying it is such short amount and they want us to all 10 people come together to their place to proof in order to get the refund. They also mentioned about it's costumer's choice to eat in their place and I hung up on me.
  • Reviewed by: rockmc  on: 17/09/2013
    3 Times now and the food was cold. You can see the steam rising around the bufet but food was only warm to cold. Food amd service very poor. i would rate our visit 3 out of 10
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