• Reviewed by: econ_math  on: 31/01/2015
    It's a very decent place. I like the diversity of food and the fact that you don't have to narrow the choice. Don't listen whiners - I know what I am saying. It is not the greatest place to eat Chinese food, but there are no anyway great places in Ottawa.
  • Reviewed by: Emccue  on: 25/01/2015
    WORST PLACE ERVE. Staff is rude. Plates are dirty I had to dig threw then to get a clean one. When I asked for the manager because I found some pink lip stick on my napkin that clearly wasn't mine he was so ignorant and argued that it must have been from something that I ate. Anyways if you want to have a good meal DONT GO THERE.
  • Reviewed by: Scootan  on: 26/12/2014
    you are great
  • Reviewed by: roxannecossette  on: 14/11/2014
    I'm going tomorrow for dinner, and saw that you have a coupon on your website. The link isn't working, it isn't printing anything.Might want to fix that.
  • Reviewed by: lisalynncraig  on: 28/09/2014
    Very poor food service was awful had to ask 3 times for water. We were there for less then an hour and we were not done eating and they came and took our forks and knifes away so we could not have anymore and then took 20 mins to give us our bill. Never will my family go there again. And the food was cold not warm but cold.
  • Reviewed by: giroux0631  on: 18/09/2014
    Yesterday was my first and I would have to think my last time to have dinner at your restaurant/buffet. More than 75 of the food was close to be being cold as well as rock hard in a lot of cases. I don't know how long you keep your food out for but I definitely will not promote your restaurant on the positive side. Unimpressed with your operation. The only positive I will give you is that your restaurant is not alone whereas you are charging a big amount for less than acceptable food.
  • Reviewed by: econ_math  on: 21/08/2014
    I also don't get these whiners; they won't be happy anywhere. This is a VERY decent place. At least up until now I don't have many complaints, all usual. We all want the ideal things, but they don't exist, even in 5 start London hotels where you have to pay 200$ for three bottles of water! OK, coming back to Panda Garden. Food is really not bad and I lived all my life in Singapore! I, of course, cross my fingers - we go there today, but we never had bad or mediocre experience there. Human being is like that, reading whiners he or she became worried too much; same to me:) Complaining is contagious. OK, go there and check yourself, I promise you pretty good experience!
  • Reviewed by: emguilbeault  on: 07/08/2014
    Me and my daughter went there today we have been there on several occasions after eating a very tiny bit she felt I'll I finished my plate and when we went to cash to pay the lady said shed give us a discount as my daughter never basically ate and thinking about it and checking the website she gave us no discount at all.
  • Reviewed by: sarahweil  on: 04/08/2014
    we go go twice a month around 4:30pm and the food is fresh, hot and so delicious. I cannot get enough of their mango chicken or their shrimp. The waitress are always so helpful despite their poor English but really would you rather have some white guy trying to make chinese food or authentic as hell chinese?
  • Reviewed by: rdchv  on: 24/07/2014
    It's very good food and also the service is very decent. I just don't understand these complaints! It's honestly one of the best and freshest Chinese buffets I've been to..and I've lived in many countries. The complainers here, are people who want to eat their fill and not pay for it. Try it. You'll like it! A glass of brandy to finish, for $4.50?? Please.. It's a great place.
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