• Reviewed by: mitchel.normandeau  on: 28/02/2016
    Eat there 4 hours ago and pretty sure it gave my food poising been on the toilet with diahrea and vomiting for an hour now and does t feel like its going to stop anytime soo Reporting from my toilet a unhappy customer
  • Reviewed by: susangamble16  on: 27/02/2016
    what is the coupon for? is it a free buffet?
  • Reviewed by: cherob_64  on: 26/02/2016
    Most of the food is ok but the honey garlic ribs are not good at all. Doesnt even taste like honey garlic and the sauce is way too thick. They could use a better recipe for that.
  • Reviewed by: FamilyGuy1428  on: 28/12/2015
    Tried this place 3 times over the course of a few years, this ISN'T FOOD, this is garbage! The items with meat is all grizzle and chewy pieces, the food all tastes the same and is bland. I thought "ok this will be decent" on the third trip because we waited for the buffet to start for lunch (all fresh food) It was still terrible......I will spend the extra money on better food, this is garbage.....not sure how people can actually say they enjoy this food.
  • Reviewed by: retiredbill  on: 26/12/2015
    Dec-26th-Just had supper and I`m not impressed at all.Food was for the most part cold, overcooked, and generally of poor quality. The salmon could be used as hockey pucks. This will be the last visit for sure. Don`t waste your hard earned dollars.
  • Reviewed by: dasda  on: 07/12/2015
    Tonight I had the experience of biting into a chicken ball and finding a piece of porcelain glass inside the chicken ball. When I asked for the manager it took him 10 mins to come to our table and then said he had no clue what it was or where it came from. Then offered me 10 off my meal...a pity $4 off. Are you kidding me!! I wish I choked on it so I could sue them. I will never ever be going back there and will be telling everyone about this.
  • Reviewed by: ddgrainger  on: 21/09/2015
    I cannot understand the mostly negative reviews of this restaurant. We have been going there on average once a month for years and have been consistently pleased with all aspects. The selection is huge and varies somewhat from lunch to dinner. The prices are very reasonable. Wine, beer and spirits are very cheap. The staff are always friendly. You will need to look hard to find a better buffet restaurant than this. Be sure tro go at the right time as in around noon for lunch and 5:30 to 6:00 for dinner. Outside peak times don't expect the bins to be full of fresh stuff.
  • Reviewed by: sharon_l_s  on: 25/07/2015
    My husband and I tried your restaurant for the second time last night and like the first time we were not happy with it. the food was stone cold and and hard it was like it had been sitting out there all day. the fruit was hard. They put out fruit that was not fully ripened and that can make people sick. We will not be going back there again. It is not worth the money you are asking for it.
  • Reviewed by: katayoun1374  on: 21/07/2015
    very poor customer service. unfriendly staff, not very clean. the staff was cleaning the top of salt and pepper shaker with the same towel that was using to clean the tables and chairs and benches ( very poor hygiene). the so-called clean plates were dirty. I wont go back there for sure.
  • Reviewed by: bspartalis  on: 08/06/2015
    I like the buffet, however the prices have increased making it difficult for our family of 4 to afford dinner there.
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