• Reviewed by: smith.tim  on: 28/06/2016
    Food quality poor (given it is a buffet )cold, with not great service. Ice cream tasted a bit like fish.
  • Reviewed by: JohnB  on: 27/05/2016
    Found a bug in the fried rice. I showed the manager and he argued it was not a bug. Unreal... I should have read the reviews ahead of time.
  • Reviewed by: fbrewin  on: 11/05/2016
    very poor service. Half the trays were empty. Food overcooked or dry. Sushi unpalatable. Using a wheelchair the owner, not friendly at all, led me to a booth instead of a table, etc, etc, I won't go back.
  • Reviewed by: Philb  on: 20/03/2016
    I should have read the reviews.... march 18th..the food was cold and not fresh. The whole family had stomach cramps later in the evening. This place should be shut down by the health department.
  • Reviewed by: brendareidlacroix  on: 19/03/2016
    We were a party of 12 that were there for the dinner buffet on Sunday, March 13, 2016. We found the buffet great. The crab legs were not very tasty but the rest of the food was fine and hot. Service was excellent water was provided before our glasses were empty.
  • Reviewed by: BillBylsma  on: 12/03/2016
    I am from Toronto and had a buffet at Panda Gardens on March 10, 2016 and I must say that most of the food was cold but what was worse,After about 4 hours I had to throw up from Food Poisoning which I blame on the Sushi, was up all night throwing up until my stomach was empty. I was able to sleep a bit on March 11 but my day and purpose of my trip to Ottawa was completely wasted and iit is now March 12 and still can't eat anything but 1 slice plain toast.I had somebody with me who did not have certain foods there but was severely sweating at night and are considering a claim for this wasted trip, missing my goal for the trip and I am very disappointed in Panda Gardens. I will put my claim in writing to Panda Gardens and when no satisfactory answer is received hire an attorney.
  • Reviewed by: JohnMaxwell  on: 03/03/2016
    Food Poisoning Alert - Ate at the Panda Garden Kanata last night and I was very sick two hours later.
  • Reviewed by: sawadi  on: 03/03/2016
    On my visit on March 2, your restaurant was filthy. Counters, floors, carpets. I have never seen anything like it, especially in Kanata. The food was mostly cold, there was a bad odor where we sat, my son and I felt sick when we got home. Clean up or shut down please.
  • Reviewed by: mitchel.normandeau  on: 28/02/2016
    Eat there 4 hours ago and pretty sure it gave my food poising been on the toilet with diahrea and vomiting for an hour now and does t feel like its going to stop anytime soo Reporting from my toilet a unhappy customer
  • Reviewed by: susangamble16  on: 27/02/2016
    what is the coupon for? is it a free buffet?
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