• Reviewed by: jimdar  on: //8/11
    Very poor - chicked balls were over breaded - most stuff was warm, not hot - had to ask for water - not one of my favorite places, by far
  • Reviewed by: i-m-joe  on: //6/17
    This palce is great~~
  • Reviewed by:  on: //5/10
    I like the buffet
  • Reviewed by: rollandk7  on: //2018
    This place has really gone downhill. The food in most cases is awfull. Fruit is on the verg of being rotten. We have come here a lot and after3 bad experience .NO MORE.
  • Reviewed by: elwirak  on: //2018
    Ordered sea food delight got onions delight so disappointed there was so much onions and few shrimps scallops I couldn't eat so hard no lobster or crab meat so disappointed that was the second and last time never ordering from that place again :@ and the other orders were also so disappointing. Disaster and paid so much for it :@
  • Reviewed by: william_assaad  on: //2018
    I got really terrible food poisoning from there once. It was probably the worst illness I've ever had in my life. I decided to give the place another chance. I went there and I will say I am never going back. I am trying to be as polite as possible when I make this review. The food was terrible, and most of everything was frozen and the sushi and crab was fake imitation meat. I tried a few of almost everything, and the food in general is just disgusting. The noodles also stood out for all the wrong reasons. They were literally slimy as ever. Service also wasn't that good. The whole experience at this buffet was just a let down. I will never be going back. Worst buffet in town. I get the feeling that the owners don't care much about their business.
  • Reviewed by: Jthkns  on: 01/10/2016
    I got food poisoning. I had to go to the hospital with a severe case of food poisoning after eating at panda gardens. I suspect the raw salmon. It tasted off and smelled weird. My lawyer will be calling them next week. I also called the health department. The place definitely had some cleanliness issues. I should have read the reviews.... :(
  • Reviewed by: hairby.her77  on: 22/09/2016
    WORST BUFFET IN TOWN!!!! TERRIBLE customer service!!! The stafff are very rude and impolite! the plates were not clean ! Food was cold and ice cream was melted!! I don't know how they are still open to be honest!! They also pretty much kicked us out the restaurant! They gave us the bill when we were still having our first round! Unbelievable!!!
  • Reviewed by: meeschoi  on: 25/08/2016
    They completely ruined our family dinner yesterday.Lettuce was covered with so many bugs and the rice was rotten. The service of the staffs were really bad.I am an Asian and I saw so many stupid white people enjoying their dinner with all rotten, buggy garbage.
  • Reviewed by: Karekarestang  on: 14/08/2016
    I'm not sure what all the wining is about. Went last night and the food was great, love the variety of seafood, service was great, waitress was very attentive! Reasonable considering the choices! Clearly people don't know when they have it good!!!! Don't listen to the winers!!
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